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Hope Credit was established by 3 debt relief professionals for the purpose of disseminating information regarding debt relief options for a variety of consumer debt types. Primarily focused on the current $1 trillion student loan debt crisis, Hope Credit also has expertise in other types of consumer debt, including private student loans, credit card debt, medical collections, unsecured loans, as well as legal options to prevent creditor harassment.

Currently, more than 40 million Americans hold student loan debt. Student loans are generally non-dischargeable in bankruptcy. Today seven million borrowers have defaulted on their student loans. The average student loan debt increases while wages in the United States decrease.

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22 states have enacted laws making defaulted student loan borrowers eligible to have their professional and even driver licenses suspended. Private student loan borrowers face lawsuits, judgements, and the seizing of personal property. As is often the case, when a parent co-signs for a childs student loan, the parent can potentially face property lien on a primary residence.

The Federal Government profits from student loan debt to the tune of over $40 billion in 2013, among the highest profits of all U.S. companies.

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